Latest winter result: 6th (2020) • Best winter result: Winner (2013)


Two years ago Taylor finally jettisoned the Colin Montgomerie comparison when he picked up the Winter title that had eluded him for so many years. His defence of the title in 2014 was half-hearted as he couldn't take the pace of a weekend-long extravaganza, but he's rightly second favourite to lift the crown this year. With another win, the similarities with Monty will be banished. Apart from the moobs.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Table TennisW4 L312pts1st5th10102nd
Arcade gameW2 L13rd2nd8182nd
Air HockeyW721pts3rd1st10281st
Bowling136 7th2nd8361st
DartsW2 L56pts4th8th2383rd
Table FootballW4 L312pts7th3rd7453rd
Drinking Challenge17.3s7th7th3584th

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