Current arcade game champion: Matthew


Pre-tournament seeding

  Latest result Best result
1.Ross5th (2014)1st
2.Tim1st (2014)1st
3.Taylor8th (2014)1st
4.Matthew3rd (2014)3rd
6.Bald Paul6th (2013)2nd
7.Nick7th (2014)2nd
8.John4th (2014)1st

2015 Arcade game results

    Game 1 Game 2 Game 3Results
1.Timbeat Tombeat Rossbeat TaylorWWW
2.Taylorbeat Johnbeat Nicklost to TimWWL
3.Rossbeat Bald Paullost to Timbeat NickWLW
4.Johnlost to Taylorbeat Matthewbeat TomLWW
5.Nickbeat Matthewlost to Taylorlost to RossWLL
6.Tomlost to Timbeat Bald Paullost to JohnLWL
7.Matthewlost to Nicklost to Johnbeat Bald PaulLLW
8.Bald Paullost to Rosslost to Tomlost to MatthewLLL

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