Latest winter result: 3rd (2020) • Best winter result: 3rd (2012)


Sore Nob Cooper made an explosive Winter début three years ago finishing strongly on the day and earning a podium finish, but he's been on a downward spiral since then, finishing 9th and 11th in the 2014 tournaments. To be fair he did miss several events due to arranging a wedding three weeks later, but if anything this highlights his lack of dedication to Super stardom.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Table TennisW4 L312pts6th4th665th
Arcade gameW1 L24th7th397th
Air HockeyW6 L118pts2nd2nd16252nd
Bowling116 4th8th2274th
DartsW4 L312pts2nd2nd8354th
Table FootballW3 L49pts5th5th5404th
Drinking Challenge15.9s4th5th5476th

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