Latest winter result: 6th (2020) • Best winter result: Winner (2013)


No one likes Taylor, but he just doesn't care. The defending champion and 2020 favourite keeps on winning and keeps on rubbing it in the face of his conquered rivals. He may describe his sporting highlight as winning Winter and Summer Superstars, but for everyone else their highlight was that year he pulled his hamstring in the 100 metres. What's the Winter equivalent? Let's hope a mild dose of table-tennis-elbow thwarts his air hockey and bowling efforts.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Table TennisW5 L115pts4th2nd882nd
Arcade gameL23rd5th4124th
Air HockeyW2 L46pts1st6th6184th
Bowling106 1st6th3214th
Table FootballW2 L46pts6th5th4255th
DartsW3 L39pts3rd5th4295th
Drinking Challenge24.2s8th7th2316th

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