Latest winter result: 3rd (2022) • Best winter result: Winner (2018)


It would be crediting The Cat with too much ingenuity to suggest he engineered Ronan's absence from this tournament, but the two-time O'Mahony champ will not be missed by those wanting to lift the trophy. Nonetheless you can only "beat who's in front of you" and the unpopular 2012 favourite will be desperate to do that, having not worn the Winter crown for three long years.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Table TennisW6 L118pts-1st10102nd
Arcade gameL3-8th3135th
Air HockeyW5 L215pts-3rd8214th
Bowling104 -5th6274th
DartsW4 L312pts-4th14414th
Table FootballW2 L56pts-8th3444th
Drinking Challenge18.8s-5th6506th

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