Latest winter result: 4th (2023) • Best winter result: 3rd (2018)


Tom is welcomed back to the starting line-up post-pandemic with a chronic shoulder injury, a complete absence of practice and odds that are probably too short. Like others in the field he's in marathon shape, having nobly walked/crawled 26.2 miles last Christmas for charity, but his best preparation could well be the investment in a new table tennis bat. If he wins a single game (all-time record P25 L24) this could be the best £2.99 he's ever spent.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Table TennisW1 L53pts7th7th117th
Arcade gameW2 L11st3rd675th
Air HockeyW4 L212pts6th3rd6136th
Bowling88 2nd7th1146th
Table FootballW4 L212pts1st2nd16303rd
DartsW1 L53pts7th7th1315th
Drinking Challenge10.93s3rd1st10414th

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