Latest winter result: Runner-up (2023) • Best winter result: Winner (2013)


Our defending champion is as fit as he's been for a while, but if reports are to be believed he's training for entirely the wrong events. Half marathon running is commendable, but Taylor's need for endurance in winter is restricted to the hapless struggle to reach five goals in a table football match against John, or his tortoise approach to the drinking challenge. Nonetheless he remains the unpopular slight favourite to retain the title.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Table TennisW5 L115pts1st1st20201st
Arcade gameW2 L12nd2nd8281st
Air HockeyW2 L46pts1st5th3311st
Bowling115 3rd2nd8391st
Table FootballW2 L46pts5th5th3421st
DartsW5 L115pts3rd1st10521st
Drinking Challenge41.09s7th7th1531st

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