Latest winter result: Wooden spoon (2023) • Best winter result: 4th (2020)


Probably the most active competitor in this year's line-up, his 2022 sporting achievements include 40km hikes in the Brecon Beacons, six hours of running in Wendover Woods and first place in the Last Man Standing Premier League prediction comp. None of these, not even the recent snowboarding weekend, will help him in Winter Superstars, although bringing his own straw is the kind of ultra-competitive nonsense we would expect. Rightly starts as sixth favourite, unlikely to beat his fourth place Winter PB.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Table TennisW3 L39pts3rd4th444th
Arcade gameW1 L17th5th376th
Air HockeyW2 L46pts4th6th297th
Bowling101 7th5th3127th
Table FootballW4 L212pts7th3rd6187th
DartsW2 L46pts5th6th2207th
Drinking Challenge13.55s1st5th6267th

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