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Last year's second place completed a hat-trick of consecutive runner's up finishes for The Daddy, and missing out by an agonising single point was the closest he's come to regaining the title last won in 2008.

His greatest sporting achievement of the previous 12 months is as surreal as it is useless – "herding a blindfolded Daley Thompson into a sheep pen using only the sound of a whistle". But let us mere mortals and low-rent Superstars not scoff at Daley's decline, as human sheep rearing could easily make its St Albans Superstars début in the coming years. With Nick as the odds-on favourite.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Table TennisW5 L115pts2nd2nd16162nd
Arcade gameL24th7th1172nd
Air HockeyW3 L39pts5th4th4212nd
Bowling134 1st1st10312nd
Table FootballW4 L212pts3rd1st10412nd
DartsW3 L39pts4th5th3442nd
Drinking Challenge12.18s4th3rd6502nd

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