Latest winter result: 5th (2023) • Best winter result: 3rd (2012)


Little is known of Sore Nob the Recluse, other than he entered his fifth decade last summer and remains exiled in Bath. Whilst he hasn't graced the winter scene since COVID, memories are still fresh of his remarkable cricket performance in the summer tournament, pronouncing the ease with which he'd win his joker event before playing onto his own wicket for single figures. And Robin was bowling.

Such hubris was certainly out of character and he's unlikely to set himself up for such a fall again, preferring instead to keep a low profile. At 7/1 he's the definition of middle-of-the-pack and won't be near the podium or the spoon.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Table TennisW2 L46pts5th5th335th
Arcade gameW1 L13rd4th477th
Air HockeyW4 L212pts3rd1st10173rd
Bowling102 4th4th8253rd
Table FootballW2 L46pts4th6th2274th
DartsW3 L39pts2nd3rd6334th
Drinking Challenge13.78s6th6th2355th

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