Latest winter result: 3rd (2023) • Best winter result: Winner (2018)


Those of us that love patterns (and who doesn't) will have spotted Taylor and John exchanging the title annually since 2016, making it The Cat's year in 2023 – and making it incredibly boring for everyone else. No one other than his offspring want him to take home the glass bowl and he's not confident he's done enough practising to claim the glory. It's likely he'll have to settle for ABT this time around #anyonebuttaylor



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Table TennisW4 L212pts4th3rd663rd
Arcade gameW1 L26th6th284th
Air HockeyW4 L212pts2nd2nd8164th
Bowling96 5th6th2185th
Table FootballW3 L39pts6th4th4225th
DartsW4 L212pts1st2nd16383rd
Drinking Challenge11.98s2nd2nd8463rd

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