Latest winter result: Runner-up (2019) • Best winter result: Winner (2010)


It's all been said before. Write his chances off at your peril. A strong all rounder who knows when to play his joker. Does his real talking through his actions. Watch out all other competitors.

Most embarrassing sporting moment: Coming last in district javelin competition with a throw of less than one metre.

Chances: Worse than at the summer event, which I won because I was the best. I cannot see any events where I will have any particular weaknesses. Conversely, I cannot see any events where I will have particular strengths! However, am surely the most likely to 'medal' from Team O'Mahony.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Table TennisW4 L312pts-3rd663rd
SnookerW2 L1-2nd8143rd
Arcade game26 -6th3173rd
Table FootballW2 L16pts-3rd12333rd
Bowling167 -1st10433rd
Drinking Challenge25.9s-7th2453rd

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