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With neither Taylor or Ronan rivalling The Cat this year he is the top seed across all events. But as everyone knows he never misses an opportunity to mention his bad back and niggling injuries so the bookies avoid naming him favourite. There's no doubt he wants the crown but are there strong enough over-the-counter drugs to keep him competitive and get him through the day? His rivals quite rightly suggest he takes it easy, but will he heed the advice or will he be the first winner of Parasuperstars 2022?



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Golf45 1st3rd663rd
Cycling1m 14s1st1st20401st
Football3 goals59.6s2nd6th2422nd
Cricket40 runs5m 45s2nd2nd8501st
PoolW2 L26pts1st4th4601st

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