Current football champion: Taylor

Expected duration



Verulamium Park

Summer 2021 seeding

  Latest result Best result
1.Taylor1st (2019)1st
2.Oli2nd (2019)2nd
3.John=5th (2019)1st
4.Nick=5th (2019)2nd
5.Matthew4th (2019)4th
6.Ross7th (2019)2nd

Overall statistics

  • Most wins: Taylor (7)
  • Scored every shot: Taylor (x5), Ronan (x4), John (x2), Tim (x2), Robbie, Oli, Robin
  • Fewest goals: 0 (Ross)
  • Slowest time: 2m 38s (Theo)
  • Best competitor not to have won: Oli
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