Latest summer result: Winner (2019) • Best summer result: Winner (2005)


The two-time champ Taylor's chances have been somewhat lessened by the removal of two events that he has won the last two years. He remains upbeat, but thinks this year may well be his last chance for glory, anticipating in the coming years, the order of events to be as follows: golf followed by basketball ... and that's it.

Chances: Taylor will be up there, but possibly not as far ahead as he is normally used to.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Golf42 -1st10101st
Basketball0 baskets-=7th1.511.54th
Football7 goals1m 11s-1st1041.751st
Cricket4 runs42.0s-3rd647.751st
PoolW6 L118pts-1st1062.751st

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