Latest winter result: 4th (2022) • Best winter result: Runner-up (2012)


Robin's Winter record reads second-last-second-last and despite a statistical anomaly in the poker seedings, the bookies have priced him short to continue this pattern. Psychologically weak, the 'frankenstein' table football and unfamiliar opposition had left his planning in chaos, so wise punters will lay this bet.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Table TennisW2 L56pts7th7th227th
Arcade gameW2 L14th4th576th
Air HockeyW2 L56pts8th8th188th
Bowling90 8th7th2108th
Table FootballW4 L312pts2nd4th5157th
Drinking Challenge13.8s3rd2nd16315th
DartsW5 L215pts8th3rd6375th

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