Current pétanque champion: Nick


Based on seedings, competitors are divided into two teams of four where they will play four games of pétanque, with two throws in each game. A competitor order is decided by the group (e.g. youngest to oldest) after which the jack is thrown and competitors take it in turns to throw one ball each, followed by a second round to throw their second ball. Player order must be rotated so everyone throws once in every position.

Points are awarded for the four closest balls, 5pts, 3pts, 2pts, 1pt. At the end of the match, the two people with the highest points in each group form a new group and play again for positions first to fourth; the other competitors form a second group and play for positions five to eight.

Tiebreak rules

In the event of balls being exactly the same position from the jack the points will be shared.

If points are tied at the end of the match then a count-back will be be used of highest number of first places (five pointers), second places (three pointers) etc. If competitors cannot be separated on count-back they should have a single head-to-head game.

Overall statistics

  • Higest combined score: 50 (Bald Paul 2016)
  • Lowest winning score: 29 (Ronan 2018)
  • Highest non-winning score: 37 (Nick 2021)
  • Best competitor not to have won: Matthew
  • Competitor statistics

        PlayedBest posWorst posAverage PosHighest scoreLowest scoreTotal ptsAverage 
    1.(-)Bald Paul21st7th450196935

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