Current cycling champion: John


Fastest person to cycle up the hill, round the tree and over the finish line.

Tiebreak rules

In the event of a tie, the fastest time will win. If times are tied the points shall be shared.

All-time fastest rides

1.John personal best icon20181st1m 02s
2.Ross20182nd1m 03s
3.John20121st1m 03s
4.John20171st1m 04s
5.Ross20122nd1m 06s
6.John20151st1m 07s
7.Taylor20183rd1m 07s
8.Ross20152nd1m 08s
9.Ronan20184th1m 08s
10.John20221st1m 08s

Overall statistics

  • Most wins: John (9)
  • Best competitor not to have won: Ronan
  • Competitor statistics

        PlayedBest posWorst posAverage PosFastestSlowestAverage time 
    1.(-)John121st5th1.51m 02s1m 27s71.1s
    2.(-)Ross111st3rd1.91m 03s1m 29s72.3s
    3.(-)Paul C11st1st11m 13s1m 13s73.1s
    4.(-)Ronan73rd5th3.71m 08s1m 18s73.3s
    5.(-)Oli92nd4th3.31m 10s1m 42s78.6s
    6.(-)Taylor83rd7th4.51m 07s1m 39s81.8s
    7.(-)Tim94th6th51m 14s1m 55s85.8s
    8.(-)Elliot23rd5th41m 27s1m 29s88.2s
    9.(-)Theo46th8th71m 29s1m 32s90.4s
    10.(-)Nick84th8th5.61m 16s1m 57s91.7s
    11.(-)Bald Paul43rd8th5.51m 12s1m 57s92.8s
    12.(-)Matthew75th9th7.11m 28s2m 18s103.6s
    13.(-)Robin106th10th7.51m 24s2m 21s118.8s

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