Current arcade game champion: Matthew


Event started



Woodside Leisure Park

Pre-tournament seeding

  Latest result Best result
1.Ross3rd (2015)1st
2.Tim5th (2016)1st
3.Taylor3rd (2016)1st
4.Matthew1st (2016)1st
5.Ronan9th (2014)2nd
6.Nick2nd (2016)2nd
7.John4th (2016)1st
8.Robin6th (2016)4th

2017 Arcade game results

    Game 1 Game 2 Game 3Results
1.Rossbeat Johnbeat Timbeat RobinWWW
2.RobinPBbeat Nickbeat Matthewlost to RossWWL
3.Matthewbeat Taylorlost to Robinbeat TimWLW
4.Ronanlost to Timbeat Johnbeat NickLWW
5.Timbeat Ronanlost to Rosslost to MatthewWLL
6.Nicklost to Robinbeat Taylorlost to RonanLWL
7.Taylorlost to Matthewlost to Nickbeat JohnLLW
8.Johnlost to Rosslost to Ronanlost to TaylorLLL

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