Latest summer result: Winner (2019) • Best summer result: Winner (2005)


Record-breaking Taylor sets his first landmark in 2019 before the day even begins, as the shortest odds-on favourite ever in Superstars. Triumph on the day would see him set another record as the first person to win three tournaments in a row, as well as repeating his unique 2013 achievement of winning both Winter and Summer editions in the same calendar year.

Despite this potential glory, his family would rather travel all the way to Yorkshire than watch him compete, and all the rest of us want to see is him chipped in goal again in the football event.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Golf42 1st3rd663rd
Cycling1m 39s4th3rd6304th
Football6 goals1m 15s1st1st10404th
Cricket46 runs5m 39s1st1st20601st
PoolW5 L216pts1st2nd8681st

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