Latest winter result: 6th (2005) • Best winter result: 6th (2005)


Seems to excel at most Summer sporting activities which probably explains his exclusion from last years Summer contest. He is certainly playing down his chances at this Winter event, despite being tipped for the title by many of the other contestants.

Most embarrassing sporting moment: Likely to be during Winter Superstars 2005 probably during snooker. He does believe that all contestants should use the same equipment thereby avoiding unfair advantages. For example those who are more familiar with snooker already have an advantage and should not be able to use their own snooker cues.

Chances: He should be disappointed with anything lower that first place.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Table TennisW3 L49pts-5th445th
SnookerW1 L2-6th376th
Arcade game28 -5th8154th
Table FootballW2 L16pts-2nd8244th
Bowling90 -8th1256th
Drinking Challenge11.2s-2nd8336th

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