Latest summer result: 6th (2019) • Best summer result: 3rd (2013)


Ross 'The Boy' Lane's greatest sporting achievement of the last year is quite frankly to get Chris Sutton to completely agree with him on the 606 Five Live phone-in. His performance on the airwaves was harshly criticised on social media, but quite frankly it is his basketball and cricket performances that usually deserve ridicule. His seeding for 2019 reflect he is second or third best in half the events, and in the bottom three worst for the rest of the events, making it highly likely he will finish in the classic Ross position of fifth.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Golf42 3rd2nd882nd
Cycling1m 29s2nd2nd16305th
Football5 goals1m 23s6th7th2325th
Cricket38 runs4m 42s8th2nd8405th
PoolW1 L64pts7th8th1416th

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