Latest winter result: 5th (2022) • Best winter result: Runner-up (2010)


What can be said about this competitor that's not been said before? Well, "he'll win Superstars" is unlikely to have passed anyone's lips based on the The Boy's enthusiastic but fruitless track record. Has always hinted that he has enough in his locker to challenge, but that locker key was lost sometime last decade, probably in Adelaides.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Table TennisW2 L56pts-7th447th
Arcade gameW3-1st10144th
Air HockeyW2 L56pts-8th3176th
Bowling96 -8th6237th
DartsW5 L215pts-2nd9326th
Table FootballW5 L215pts-2nd9415th
Drinking Challenge17.1s-4th7487th

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