Latest winter result: Wooden spoon (2020) • Best winter result: Runner-up (2012)


Robin's performance in winter events can be split into three categories, strong (arcade, table football, drinking), appalling (air hockey, table tennis, bowling) and mostly-crap-but-sometimes-annoyingly-lucky (darts and poker). Do the luck of the cards explain his almost perfect repeating pattern of runner-up to 8th place? Did he deliberately skip last year to break that cycle? We will never know, but in 2020 his biggest victory may simply be that enough money has been staked on him to bring his odds down from outright favourite to merely joint favourite to come last.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Table TennisW1 L53pts7th6th336th
Arcade gameL25th7th257th
Air HockeyW3 L39pts8th5th497th
Bowling122 8th5th4137th
Table FootballW4 L212pts2nd4th5187th
DartsW2 L46pts7th6th3217th
Drinking Challenge16.4s4th6th6277th

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