Latest summer result: 7th (2019) • Best summer result: Runner-up (2017)


Despite PBs in three events last year, normal service was resumed for Nick as a seventh-place finish followed an unprecedented runners-up berth in 2017. With eldest son Elliot now consistently taking all the sporting glory in the Clifford household, Superstars The Next Generation ™ cannot come soon enough for 'The Daddy', when he can turn his attention to coaching the next champion rather than deluding himself that he could be the next champion.



    Result Score Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Golf 51 4th6th336th
Pétanque 17pts5th6th368th
100m 7th6th398th
Basketball 13pts2nd4th10196th
Cycling 1m 57s6th6th3226th
Football 5 goals1m 14s5th=5th3.525.56th
Cricket 2 runs10.0s3rd7th227.57th
PoolW4 L315pts3rd3rd633.57th

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