Latest summer result: 5th (2022) • Best summer result: 5th (2021)


Matthew "Sore Nob" Cooper is competing in a second consecutive summer tournament for the first time. Had he not had to miss the final event in 2021 he would have certainly finished fourth, a personal best, and top-half is definitely achievable for this mediocre athlete. However the leg-length/height based events in the middle of the day, 100m–basketball–cycling, always scupper his chances of a podium finish. Thankfully he has recovered from the norovirus he claims inhibited his performance last year and is self-certified "fit and well and going for the crown".



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Golf46 3rd5th335th
Cycling1m 31s6th6th2234th
Football6 goals1m 16s6th1st10332nd
Cricket5 runs33.0s1st6th4372nd
PoolW3 L310pts3rd3rd6455th

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