Latest summer result: 5th (2019) • Best summer result: 5th (2019)


Having just become the proud father of twins, Matt won't be getting much sleep but at least his nickname may no longer be accurate. He follows in a long line of Superstars fathers so outwardly no one is really that impressed, but every fellow competitors will be hugely distracted by two four-week old babies brought along to "spectate". He may not stand much of a chance on the field, but never underestimate a man who would weaponise his offspring to such devastating effect.



    Result Score Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
GolfPB 42 5th1st10101st
Pétanque 24pts1st4th5151st
100m 6th7th2173rd
Basketball 8pts5th7th2195th
Cycling 2m 18s7th8th1207th
FootballPB 6 goals1m 24s8th4th5257th
Cricket 35 runs3m 58s2nd3rd12376th
PoolW4 L314pts5th4th5425th

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