Latest winter result: 3rd (2022) • Best winter result: Winner (2018)


The King of Winter Superstars, The Cat is on course for a hat-trick of titles, but recognises this will be the hardest year yet. Doesn't like the crown of favourite, but is proud to be considered one of the 'Big Three'.

Chances: Always strong, but must finish in the top half for his weaker events to take the title.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Air HockeyW3 L49pts-6th336th
Arcade gameL3-8th147th
Bowling100 -5th487th
Table TennisW3 L49pts-6th3117th
Table FootballW3 L49pts-6th3147th
Drinking Challenge12.9s-=1st18375th

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