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Injury and illness has robbed the spectators of two heavy-weights, but defending champion John will be rubbing his hands as first Taylor then Ronan withdrew, promoting JC to title favourite again. His practice has been limited this year but he came through the sports day dads race unscathed and a quick trip to the driving range proved ten months without picking up a club makes no difference to his golf standard.

He knows he would be the least popular winner but he is in it only to win it and would have long given up (or overhauled the events again) if he didn't stand a chance. They'll be no time for socialising in the park, with JC's eyes firmly on the prize.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Golf39 4th2nd882nd
Cycling1m 08s1st1st20391st
Football5 goals1m 09s1st2nd8471st
Cricket105 runs16m 00s3rd1st10571st
PoolW3 L310pts1st4th4671st

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