Latest summer result: Winner (2021) • Best summer result: Winner (2008)


The Cat has held this title twice, but like the rest of the watching public he knows how much luck played its part. He's eyeing the title again but with fatherhood getting in the way of practice time confidence is low. He'll compete – no one can doubt that, and he'll change the rules too if it helps (also not a matter of doubt) but he needs a injury to the big guy and an off day for the reigning champ to realise his dream of a hat-trick of titles.

The odds makers place him third favourite but only based on past performance, not his current abject form.



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Golf46 -3rd884th
Cycling1m 03s-1st20402nd
Cricket8 runs1m 13s-6th5452nd
Football7 goals1m 28s-1st10552nd
PoolW3 L410pts-6th5602nd

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