Latest summer result: 4th (2023) • Best summer result: 3rd (2022)


It was desperately speculated by a rival competitor that Elliot might have peaked last year and his skills and speed were on the decline. No-one doubts for a second that Elliot will one day lift this trophy if he can continue to tolerate a day in the company of his dad, uncle and their old mates.

All the other decrepit competitors just hope he has not picked up a golf club, a boule or a pool cue in the last 12 months and these non-athletic events can be the leveler for just one or two more years. The hope is Elliot realises just how uncool the olds are, and mercifully declares himself unselectable (aka uninterested).



     ResultScore Time Seeding Position Points Total Overall
Golf46 6th4th444th
Cycling1m 27s4th5th3156th
Football4 goals1m 08s5th4th4195th
Cricket42 runs4m 20s4th2nd8275th
PoolW1 L53pts7th7th1483rd

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