St Albans and Harpenden Superstars qualification criteria

Entry is guaranteed for the following competitors:

  1. The previous three tournament winners
  2. Competitors who have attended every tournament
  3. The previous year's runner up (and third place in Summer)

The remaining competitors who want to take part will be entered into a random draw (via to allocate the available spots. Anyone who misses two consecutive tournaments via the random draw is guaranteed entry for the next tournament.

Summer 2020

Previous champions
  1. Taylor (2019)
  2. Taylor (2018)
  3. Ronan (2017)
100% attendance
  1. John
  2. Ross
Previous year qualifiers
  1. John qualifies with 100% attendance
  2. Oli

Winter 2021

Previous champions
  1. John (2020)
  2. Taylor (2019)
  3. John (2018)
100% attendance
  1. John qualifies as previous champion
  2. Taylor qualifies as previous champion
Previous year qualifier
  1. Nick